What is the News red sandalwood shown in the movie Pushpa? You know

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Right now, Southern film superstar Allu Arjun’s film ‘Pushpa’ is very popular. The main theme of the film is: smuggling of red sandalwood. What is red sandalwood? Why is it smuggled? Why is it called red gold? Where is it found in India? Why is it in high demand in China? What is the significance of ancient and modern? Learn about red sandalwood. Let’s explain everything one by one below.

જવાળામુખી વિસ્ફોટ નો લાઈવ વિડિયો જુઓ

What is red sandalwood?
It is also used for Tantric worship. This blood sandalwood is in great demand in India. An element called dihydroxy benzene is found in large quantities in red sandalwood wood which is in high demand in the world due to its medicinal properties.

Reason for demand for red sandalwood –

Years ago and now somewhere in Japan a musical instrument called shamishen was given at a wedding. There was a demand for red sandalwood in Japan for making this instrument.

China and sandalwood –

Items made of red sandalwood during the Ming dynasty holidays in China from the 14th to the 17th century meant that furniture was very popular and hence the demand for Indian blood sandalwood has been high in China ever since. Even today, the Red Sandalwood Museum in China houses red sandalwood furniture.

Thus China still considers the hobbies of its descendants auspicious and the demand has increased as there is more industrial use of blood sandalwood.

Why is red sandalwood smuggled? –

The smuggling of red sandalwood timber is rampant as shown in the film ‘Pushpa’ because the International Organization has placed an obligation on India to protect the endangered red sandalwood trees and India has set up a special force to find the timber. It is difficult but with the help of one of the dialogues of the film, where there is law, there is crime. According to him, the timber is being smuggled there as it is getting crores of rupees considering its use. 

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